YEAR 3 | Polymers: Cool Chemistry Unleashed

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Your Junior Scientists will have a Slime of a Time getting into some hands-on chemistry. Explore the properties of different substances while completing two different investigations with everybody’s favourite, Eve! Create a BUZZ in your classroom around particle theory with this great investigation of the  impact of heat on the states of matter. This fully functioning classroom laboratory kit comes with everything you need to run a fully interactive science session! Packed full of hands-on opportunities for your Classroom Chemists to mix and make some COOL samples to take home while learning about science in the SERIOUSLY FUN Street Science way!


Hot Stuff. What’s the Matter? / Melting Moments

PHYSICAL SCIENCES - Heat can be produced in many ways and can move from one object to another (ACSSU049)

CHEMICAL SCIENCES - A change of state between solid and liquid can be caused by adding or removing heat (ACSSU046)

QUESTIONING AND PREDICTING - With guidance, identify questions in familiar contexts that can be investigated scientifically and make predictions based on prior knowledge (ACSIS053)