Flying Prop Top 2-pack

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This bright, colourful toy is a variant on the Frisbee, and comes with its own launcher. The Flying Wing Prop Top is a simple-to-use toy that offers hours of fun. Slide the cap, rotate the blade, then quickly push up... Watch the blade fly sky high!

With just a simple push these Flying Wing Prop Tops shoot into the air like a helicopter! Simple enough for even little ones to use it’s fun for the whole family or class.

A no-fuss, great-value toy offering countless hours of outdoor fun, as well as demonstrating physics' principles and the power of lift.

The Flying Wing Prop Top, consists of three parts: launching rod, blade and cap. Colours vary and include blue, pink, green and orange. A random colour will be selected for your order.  The blades in the disks are angled to resemble helicopter blades. When the disk is given a quick push off the screw-like launching stick, the mechanical force launches it high into the air so it achieves flight. Leonardo da Vinci speculated that men could actually take to the skies on similar screw-like mechanisms.  Learn about Newtons Law of Gravity, Newtons three Laws of Motion,  and Lift and flight.

Wonderful for science party favours, or just for some good old fashioned physics fun at home or in the classroom!

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.