EPIC Science Bag

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New for Christmas 2021! 

Our EPIC Science Bag is a perfect gift for the little scientist in your life.

Includes one of our large science kits - the ever-popular Chemistry Bar


Instant Snow tube
Grow Your Own Crystal Tree
Street Science Bouncy Ball Kit with bonus Jingle Balls attachment*
Liquifly Fizz Rocket
Hydrophobic Sand Tube
Ferromagnetic Fluid Tube
Revolting Science Kit
Thermochromic Marker 3-pack
Colour Changing UV Beads
Kinetic Rings
Flying Prop Top
Safety Glasses

Amazing value!

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* To use the Jingle Balls attachment: optionally, after making the bouncy ball and before it dries, push the hook attachment firmly into the ball.  Once dry, the ball can be hung on a Christmas tree as an ornament.