Aussie Slime Kit

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The Aussie  Slime Kit contains all of the materials and equipment you need to make one container of red slime and one container of green slime PLUS a make your own Crystal Tree kit.

The Aussie  Slime Kit makes two tubs of Street Science's famous high-quality Bubble Slime. Find a straw and try to blow the biggest bubble you can.  When you've finished playing, seal the slime in the clear plastic containers provided.

Our Bubble Slime is pastel in colour due to the addition of cornflour. Prefer bolder coloured slime?  Simply omit the cornflour to make regular slime.

The Crystal Tree will be covered in crystals within a day or two.  Be sure to place it in a location where it will not be knocked, and where it is out of the wind.  The crystals can be dislodged from the tree quite easily.  Has your tree lost most of its crystals?  Gather them up and return them to the small coloured dish.  Add a dribble of water and the crystals will grow on the tree once again.

Ideal for children aged 6 and up.  Parental supervision is strongly advised.  Safety glasses are available for sale in our webstore.

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The Aussie  Slime Kit contains:

- Two containers of slime goo
- Two tubs of cornflour
- Two tubes of activating agent
- Two plastic containers with lids
- Two wooden stirring sticks
- One crystal tree kit containing a small dish, cardboard tree, and crystal solution
- Instruction sheets and safety advice