FerroMagnetic Fluid

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Mix your very own ferromagnetic fluid and experiment with magnets with this easy-to-use test tube kit. Contains a ferromagnetic powder and quality magnet.

You can purchase the Ferro Magnetic Fluid on its own, however, we recommend purchasing the full set of Minilab tubes for the complete home chemistry experience:

Slime-making Tube

Hydrophobic Sand

Crystal Growing Tube


When a magnet is brought close to the tube, the ferromagnetic particles align themselves with the magnetic field of the magnet.  Explore how the ferromagnetic fluid behaves when the magnet is brought close to it.  Test what happens when you move the magnet around, and when you pull the magnet away all together.  See how close the magnet needs to be to exert its pulling force on the particles.

Try pouring some ferromagnetic fluid into a shallow dish and place the dish on top of various shaped magnets you can find at home. Can you see the magnetic fields?

Try adding a small amount of baby oil to some ferromagnetic powder to create a thick liquid.  Place a magnet above this liquid (clip the magnet in a ziplock bag to keep it clean) and watch your blob rise up towards the magnet.