DIY Rockets Party Kit

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Get ready for liftoff, because our Rockets Party Kit will send excitement levels soaring into the stratosphere on your birthday! You’ll get to make your very own plastic ROCKET in this dynamic, craft-based experiment.

Rocket scientists then venture into the yard to LAUNCH their rockets high into the sky – some have been known to reach 10m high! And the best part? You can launch your rockets again and again to see how high you can make them fly!

We recommend purchasing Safety Glasses and Ultimate Party Bags along with your kit for the ultimate science party experience!

Make your birthday special this year with the perfect present for curious junior scientists - Street Science Party Kits! Each of the four kits have been developed from our range of Party Packages, and are designed to allow you and 19 friends to create your very own Street Science Party Experience. Now we can bring scintillating, seriously fun science directly to you, no matter where you’re located, so you can have the explosive science party adventure you’ve always wanted!