Vortex Whirlpool Bottle Valve

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The vortex valve is designed to demonstrate how a tornado swirls.  With a flick of the wrist a tornado in a bottle is created. Scientific fun. Now supplied with two ‘0-ring’ seals to protect against leakage.

Similar to our Whirlpool Bottle Science, just add water and a couple of plastic bottles to create your own whirlpools.

Fill one plastic bottle with water then top with the Vortex Valve and an 'empty' second bottle.  Flip it all over and observe what happens to the water.  Give the bottles a swirl and watch as a vortex forms in the bottle.  Observe what happens to the water in the bottles.

Use your vortex valve to explore the concepts of air taking up space and the strength of air pressure.

Try adding a few drops of food colouring, some dishwashing detergent, or even some glitter to the water for some incredible visual effects.