Doodle Top

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A spinning top with a super twist - it DRAWS while it SPINS.

Not any old drawings, but wild geometric patterns and spirals. Remove the cap and take Doodletop for a spin on a sheet of paper - you'll be mesmerized by its clever drawing stunts. Try spinning it at an angle - wider angles result in larger spiral designs. Slowly tilt the drawing surface while Doodletop spins for even more surprising and fun results.

Who says you need to be a talented drawer to create beautiful works of art? With Doodletop, all you need to know is how to spin a top. This unique spinning-top has a felt-tipped pen as its spindle. Through the simple and enjoyable act of spinning the top, you can create lovely one-of-a-kind designs.

Traditional spinning tops date back 4,000 years, to ancient Egypt, and demonstrate complex theories and abstract concepts in engineering, physics, earth science and even biology. Doodletops are fun and educational